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Attention Candle and Jewelry Lovers!

Candles, Wax Melts, Bath & Body Products with Jewelry

Waxed Roses with Jewelry Gifts

Treat Yourself or a loved one to a precious candle with a surprise tucked inside!

Candle Jewelry Stores:


Here are 10 reasons why Jewelry Candles make great gifts!

  1. Wedding Gifts for Bridesmaids, Maid/Matron of Honor, A New In-Law, & let’s not forget.. The Bride!
  2. Centerpieces for Wedding Receptions
  3. Baby Showers
  4. Raffles
  5. Birthdays
  6. Holiday Gifts
  7. Anniversaries
  8. To say “I LOVE YOU”
  9. or Just Because You Want One!!  (and your man isn’t getting the “hint”)
  10. And Many More.. These are just a few!  The sky is the limit!

More Than Jewelry!    Cash Candles, Jewelry Bath Boms, Wax Tarts, Bath & Body, Inspirational Candles, Wax Roses and SO MUCH MORE specifically at Jewelry Candles!

The Candle Ring Lady’s Gemstra Boutique for Jewelscent products CLICK HERE for gifts such as the ones below and other awesome products including Warmers, Wax tarts, Sleeping Oils and Essential Oils….  


For The Crafty!

Essential Oils

Create Your Own!!

You can even make your own candles with supplies from these stores:1-240x400

Mountain Rose Herbs NEW!!

Village Craft & Candle

Natures Garden Candles

Bulk Apothecary

WAH Opportunities Directory:

I have also put this website together for the purpose of providing real Work at Home business opportunities for those looking for new consultant positions.  If you have always wanted your own business then sign on as a consultant or affiliate in some of my stores.  Go to our Career Opportunities page and follow the links provided to take you to your very own real business opportunity.


I have no intention of competing and I definitely am not here to set one company against the other.  I love them all and even if I choose a favorite I will equally advertise each one with all of the tools they offer me.  This is a directory for not only my own personal use, but for yours.  Instead of endlessly searching Google for the right store… I have made them available in one place for you to browse through.

I am not affiliated with every Candle Ring Shop that I list.  And there are no guarantees that every product sold comes with a piece of jewelry.  That is out of my control.  I have no control over delivery times or quality.  You will have to contact the company directly.  Contact information is provided on each website or see my Customer Service Contact Directory.  Not every Store listed has a Consultant or Affiliate option available.

I do work as an Affiliate for several of the links provided.  Which means, if you purchase a product from that store or link, then I will receive a commission for that purchase, which is great!  That is what keeps The Candle Ring Lady going!  Thank you for your support!