Make Your Own Beeswax!

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bee keeping  This one is for the Bees!

  • IF you are a die hard Do-It-Yourself kind of person… then you will want to read this post!

  • If you’ve been interested in Bee Keeping for your own honey or even to just help Save The Bees… then keep reading!

  • IF you are looking for the ALL NATURAL approach to making candles or products from ALL NATURAL, Purely ORGANIC ingredients…  then you will want to read this post!

P.S.  I’m afraid of bees!  *shudder*  (But they’re so cute!!)yt

What Is The All Natural Solution To Candle Making?

Everywhere I turn I find problems with the waxes that are out there.   Paraffin Wax, Soy, Palm Wax, Coconut Wax... And it’s easy to justify putting an organic or all natural label on each of them, but the processing for each of them still has something controversial about it… And many different candle companies use that negative something about the other waxes to promote the one they use.  But there are good and bad things about all of these waxes!

One thing I do know from doing research about the different waxes is that Quality products are Pricey products.  I’ve learned over the years while looking for the best deals and the best products that the answer is usually in the price so I “follow the money”.

Follow The Money! hive

I have discovered that certain “local” wax products will be more expensive if they are higher quality than products that are “questionable”.  And after comparing the different waxes that are out there by ingredients, their source, how they are processed, the chemicals they release when burned, and also price.. I have come to the conclusion that I need to be a beekeeper!

No really!  I think nature’s way of creating wax is the best all around.  That to me makes the cost worth it!

Ok… that’s the end of my rant!  Wait…  Just a few more points to share!

I know nothing about bee keeping…bonusqstart

and I definitely can’t get over my fear of bee swarms… so bee keeping will not work for me without psychological help!  But I can still invest in Beeswax!

Now with the poor Bee colonies under attack by weakening immune systems from Monsanto’s (GMO crops) pesticide usage and the mites that are killing the weakened bees in their colonies… I think they could use the help.  So please look into the e-books at these links I am providing.

(NO GMO’s!!  MONSANTO = BAD!) Do your research on this, please??

Click the banners and you will be on your way to learning how to repopulate the bee population (in other words… bee keeping).  

Great bonuses include:

  • Having your own personal local Honey!bonusextract

  • Eating local honey has been known to free people from nasty seasonal allergies!

  • You can use the Beeswax that the bees create in their hives to create your own candles and skin care products!

  • You are helping to save the bees!

Don’t forget to plant plenty of pollinating flowers!

Better yet!  Don’t mow your lawn… Springs first fruits are Dandelion plants…  the bees need them after a long winter!  Plus think of all the money you’ll save on gasoline if you forget to mow your lawn for a few weeks.

Sometimes I wish my neighbor would forget that he’s retired because he loves to mow that lawn of his and weed wack first thing in the morning and during my little girl’s naptime in the afternoon.

Well Here is the link again!

( click the banner)

Tcourse_smallhis is a Great Course for future Bee Keepers!   

Please take the time to read through the article it leads to and consider what you can do for the bees as you learn about what it takes to become a bee keeper!

BEE YOUR OWN BOSS!!!  See what I did there?


The Candle Ring Lady

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