Diamond Candles



When I first heard about jewelry candles it was through Diamond Candles.  I wanted one SO bad!  And I tried unsuccessfully for 2 years to drop hint after hint to my husband that I wanted one of these.  I have never been very good at buying things for myself.  Well… my interest was peaked again this year and I decided to start selling them instead.

mobile (1)I looked to Diamond Candles and was very disappointed to see that they did not have a Consultant program or even an affiliate program for their products.  If I am wrong and just overlooked this, feel free to correct me in the comments below.

As I searched for an alternative store with consultant opportunities, I was pretty amazed to see that over the past couple of years several new candle ring stores have been popping up all over the Internet.  I was VERY happy to find that quite a few of these had Consultant programs with them.

So my quest to find Consultant positions selling these amazing treasures was successful after all.  You can see these opportunities on my Career Opportunities page.

In all fairness … and because it is the store that started my journey… I present to you Diamond Candles!  For this is what turned me into The Candle Ring Lady.logo


Diamond Candle has a beautiful little story about how they came to be.  A young couple, in love, financially struggling, and approaching their anniversary.  The young man, while trying to find the perfect anniversary gift for his young bride realizes that he can combine the two presents he bought for her into one.  With a ring in one hand and a candle in the other… the idea for Diamond Candles was born.


I am not gaining anything financially from sharing this link with you.  As The Candle Ring Lady I hold myself to a high standard.  It is only fair to show you ALL of the Candle Ring options that I find so you can decide for yourself where to get your loved one a wonderful gift.

Diamond Candles are made of 100% Soy and burn with a beautiful fragrance.  They have many scents to choose from with beautiful names such as Winter Rose, Pink Macaroon, and Pumpkin Scone.


Their Candles cost around $24.95 with discount offers on their website.  And you can be happy to know that they come with a beautiful ring in each candle that can be worth up to $5,000.  They have a “Ring Reveal” code attached to each ring that you punch in on their website to reveal it’s value.  And you can post a picture of your lovely ring on their website to show off your prize for the whole world to see!

You can go there now and check out there wide selection of Diamond Candles and Enjoy!



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