How It Works

All of our products contain a hidden jewel valued between $15 to $7500. Pictorial sets below explain how to find the gift hidden in each product. A gold token is placed for jewels valued over $100.

Below are some of The Candle Ring Lady’s favorites.

I couldn’t choose just one!frenchlilac_classic_white-660x528  creme_brulee_full_uncropped_revised2_white-660x528 calm_lavender_classic_full_v2_white-660x528 birthday_cake_classic_v3_full_white-660x528

Let’s not forget to browse at!  There are more than just candles with jewelry inside of them!  There are Scented Wax Tarts, Body Scrubs,  Body Cremes, Soaps, and more… You will NOT be disappointed!

Happy Shopping!

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