My Mission Statement

Welcome to The Candle Ring LadyThis Website,, was created with the purpose of exploring each company that is listed on this website and to make them available to you.  It is a directory and a blog of my own personal experiences with each company.



Thank you for visiting!
I LOVE Candles with Surprises inside of them!  I like to compare the feeling of getting a ring or piece of jewelry inside of a beautiful, sweet smelling candle to the same feeling I remember having as a child when I found the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks or a Box of Cereal.

il_fullxfull.182904608Just for fun here is a picture of some Cracker Jack Box Rings from the 1950’s!  They sure don’t look like Candle Jewelry Rings do they.


I hope you enjoy your visit and Please share with your friends and family!


The Candle Ring Lady


I have no intention of competing and I definitely am not here to set one company against the other.  I love them all and even if I choose a favorite I will equally advertise each one with all of the tools they offer me.  This is a directory for not only my own personal use, but for yours.  Instead of endlessly searching Google for the right store… I have made them available in one place for you to browse through.

I am not affiliated with every Candle Ring Shop that I list.  And there are no guarantees that every product sold comes with a piece of jewelry.  That is out of my control.  I have no control over delivery times or quality.  You will have to contact the company directly.  Contact information is provided on each website or see my Customer Service Contact Directory.  Not every Store listed has a Consultant or Affiliate option available.

Thank you for stopping by!

I hope I have helped you to understand the reason why I have created The Candle Ring Lady and if anyone must know… The Candle Ring Lady is Me!!  I am not a company… I am not taking any credit for the beautiful products that I am showing you.    

They are UNIQUE!  They are FUN!  And they make me HAPPY!

Have a blessed day and enjoy!


With Lots of Love,

The Candle Ring Lady

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